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Trackside Kids is a kids club for children aged 5-11 years old.
Friday fortnightly during the school term kids experience a safe, irresistible atmosphere of fun, friendship and creativity.

So what do you do at Trackside Kids?

Play Games

What's the number one rule at Trackside Kids? Have fun!

The Golden Rule

We take having fun seriously at Trackside, so we pack as many games into each fortnight as possible

Eat Food

Having fun makes you hungry, so we shout dinner every fortnight


We don’t want you to just meet new people, we want you to make new friends! So we always eat together.

Tell Stories

We always have a new story to tell at Trackside


You never know what the story is going to be and sometimes you even get to be part of it!

Do Craft

Let your creative side out and make something!


Each week we have a new and different craft that you get to take home and keep!

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